To produce and develop special design solutions for
the customers and contribute to their success.

- We want to be the packaging supplier for the
  most popular and preferred brands of the world.
- It is our ideal to be one of the leading companies
  in aluminium and laminated aluminium packaging sectors.
- We aim to be preferred for our customer satisfaction,
  motivation, professional progress and development.
- We want to reduce our impact on the environment.
- We are pleased to contribute positively the development
  of our country and progress of our community.
- We want to achieve a sustainable income for our shareholders
  and add value to their investments.

Company Policy

Environment & Occupational Health and Safety Policy

- We care about our customers and their requirements,
  establishing long-term consistent relations based
  on good quality and reasonable price levels.
- We keep ourselves updated,
  seeking out innovations that could be useful for our customers.
- We try to achieve operational perfection throughout
  the process.
- We strive to reach  world standards in technology.
- We invest in operational innovation to increase
   efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
- We keep the financial structure of our business strong.